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Sami Heikkilä, Finland

Sami Heikkilä is an environmental specialist in the Ministry of Defence. He has been working for MoD since 1999, focusing on national and international environmental issues as a civilian official. Mr. Heikkilä is currently working for MoD in the Community and Environment Unit. This unit is responsible for garrison development matters, which are based on comprehensive planning focusing on military operations and their development, general economy, the life cycle economy of investments, environmental protection and safety and social interaction. Mr. Heikkilä’s primary areas of professional focus are environmental management, climate change and sustainable development. In 1999, he graduated from Espoo –Vantaa Institute of Technology as a Land Surveyor and at the same time started his career in MoD. He has also worked in MTT Agrifood Research Finland and the Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute during the last decade, taking part in environmental research programs. He is currently finalizing his Master Degree studies in Environmental Ecology at the University of Helsinki.

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Maren Hostrup, Denmark

Maren Kann Hostrup is an environmental specialist at the Danish Defence Estates and Infrastructure Organisation (DDEIO). She has been working at DDEIO since 2014, as an internal consultant in environmental matters. Ms. Hostrups responsibilities include counseling concerning contaminated soil and water with regards to the Danish Defence. She has experience in handling contaminated sites and other environmental issues in arctic areas (Greenland). Before joining DDEIO she worked as a consultant in environmental matters in the private sector at a consulting firm. Ms. Hostrup is also educated as a fire and rescue leader in the Danish Emergency Management Agency, where she taught and trained personnel in firefighting, rescue and environmental protection. Ms. Hostrup has a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering from the University of Aalborg, Denmark.

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